The Bull Golf League

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Bull Golf League. Our foundation has been asked many times over the years to consider running a weekly golf league throughout the summer, so this is in response to those requests.  We have agreed to grow the league to include 24 players, up from 20 in 2021.

Location & Dates

The Bull Golf League will be run at Easton Country Club in Easton, Massachusetts on Monday evenings. The league will commence on April 25th, which will be our handicap/quota-setting week for all players. Upon completion of the April 25th round, all handicaps and quota targets will be set, and the 15 week league will begin May 2nd. If rainouts occur, the league will extend the 15 week season as needed. No play will take place on Monday, June 21st as we conduct the Fourteenth Annual Gary DiNardo Memorial Golf Tournament at Agawam Hunt Country Club, or on Monday, July 4th in honor of Independence Day. League play will take place on all other Mondays between April 25th and August 22nd.


League play will be conducted with Stableford scoring, with established quota targets for each player on a weekly basis. Once quota targets are established after play on April 25th, they will be adjusted weekly based on performance. Every two-point variance from quota target will adjust the player’s quota target by one point in the next week. Any adjustment will be communicated to the player before the next week’s event.

Tee Times

The league has the tee reserved each Monday from 3:40 – 5:10, foursomes will be assigned upon arrival at course.  All players must sign in at the pro shop, but no payments are made.

Polo Shirts

Each player will receive a Bull Golf Polo, which is encouraged to be worn at play each week; will qualify for year-end prizes for first-place team in won-loss records and first-place team in quantitative quota scoring; and is invited to a year-end barbeque where prizes will be given and the season will be concluded.

Payment Options

The Bull Golf League will offer all participants two payment options. All payments are to be made via this website at the link provided below:

  1. Full Payment:  Full payment of the league for the entire season. This is a payment of $750, which includes the $110 entry fee; a per week league dues; and a per week greens fee. If a participant chooses this option, please make payment in full via this site prior to April 25th. If this option is selected, the player simply plays each week, and does not have any further financial commitment, unless they wish to rent a cart at the course in any given week. They simply sign in at the pro shop and go to the first tee to start play.
  2. Partial Payment:  Participant pays $250 by February 28th, March 31st and April 25th respectively.  All other things remain the same as Option One.

All league finances, and all league administration will be conducted by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Once payment options are met by each participant, they simply come to the course on a Monday, sign in at the pro shop, and commence play with a group they put together on the tee.

If a participant is unable to attend in a given week for league play, there will be a list of alternate players, with their phone information and email address to contact. It will be the responsibility of the participant to get one of the alternate players to substitute for them, but if none are able, the participant will earn a -2 quota score for that given week. No refunds are paid to players who miss a week, so financially the monies paid are sunk costs. Therefore, as can be seen, it behooves the player and his team, to participate each and every week. And, if they cannot play for whatever reason, they owe it to their teammates to get an alternate to play in their stead.

League Alternates

Click Here to view a list of league alternates. If you are a League Alternate and need to pay a one-time greens fee, use the payment form below.

Make a Payment

Use the form below to make a payment. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.

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